Nice overview of SolidFire

A good overview of what the software-heavy enterprise storage company does, including this assessment on market segment targeting:

SolidFire is very honest about not being built for the mid-market, as it feels that most of the middle of the market is headed toward cloud providers anyhow. Some may consider this a weakness, but I consider it a great strength. It has allowed SolidFire to focus on the pain points of organizations with large storage and storage performance needs, to do so with great scale, and to do so in a way that greatly reduces operational complexity and all the mental friction that usually accompanies that scale.

Nice overview of SolidFire

These SSD companies are going like hot-cakes!

Cisco on Tuesday said it will acquire Whiptail, a solid state memory system company, for $415 million. Cisco plans to integrate Whiptail’s solid state memory technology into its unified computing system (UCS) products.

From Cisco:

The end result is to deliver optimized performance on top of UCS for emerging and business critical applications, such as virtualized, Big Data, database, High Performance Computing and transcoding workloads.

People love the solid-state. Notice that there’s software involved.

These SSD companies are going like hot-cakes!