Pokémon, Ashley Madison, Privacy Shield, Theranos, & me – Guest on Speaking in Tech #219

I was kindly invited to guest co-host and be the guest on this week’s Speaking in Tech. There’s not that many “enterprise IT” focused podcasts out there and this is one of my favorite. Check out the show notes, listen below, or just download the MP3 directly.

As you may recall, I was on for the first time last year, while I was down in Mexico.

I was delighted to be asked to be a guest on this week’s Speaking In Tech Podcast (see their larger site as well). If you’re not familer with the show, they split it into two halves: topical tech news discussion followed by a guest interview. I sat through the first half on mute resisting the urge to chime in, it was a fun conversation. The second half was an overview of my career in tech with me plowing through my weird travels therein, all the way up to Pivotal.

Anyhow, have a listen, and subscribe to the podcast if you like tech podcasts – it’s good stuff each week!