Software Defined Talk: Docker is just cheap VMware, right?

Our new episode is up, from this past Friday:

There’s tell that some people just look at containers as a cheaper way to virtualize, eschewing the fancy-lad “cloud-native stuff.” We discuss that idea, plus “the enterprise cloud wars,” and also our feel that Slack is actually a really good tool and company.

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They dubbed it Slack and released it in August 2013. Since then, Slack has grown swiftly: more than 300,000 people use it each day, and the company has more than 73,000 paid users. The company has also raised a lot of venture capital funding—about $163 million since the company switched its focus to Slack.

Jimminy-fuck-crickets that’s a of lot of cash to raise. People do talk about Slack a lot. Any of you knuckleheads out there use it?

Trying to get normals to use IRC, once again

By way of example, Butterfield said that there are about 2,000 messages a day written by humans in Slack at his company. Another 6,000 more are generated automatically by machines. With such a high volume of information, having it all in one place, ordered, highly searchable, and with human chat layered on top helps make a fragmented and overwhelming amount of communication easier to deal with.

Sounds good to me; I wonder if the email zombies will see the light this time.

Trying to get normals to use IRC, once again