Link: VMware and Pivotal’s PKS Distribution Marries Kubernetes with BOSH

“When we look at differentiators, I would say that there are a few and NSX-T, which provides east-west micro-segmentation of traffic between two VMs within the same network, is one of the strongest differentiators. BOSH is also a strong differentiator as well, in terms of offering self-healing capabilities. But being able to integrate with VMware tools is one of the key differentiators,” said Dul.
Original source: VMware and Pivotal’s PKS Distribution Marries Kubernetes with BOSH

451 Study on SDN adoption – 16% in use or plan

After seeing one of the other SDN forecast studies referenced here, one of my 451 collegues sent some finding from our recent (August 2013) survey on software defined networking usage:

451 NetWave 10 SDN Usage Study

TheInfoPro survey has adoption at a much lower level. Wave 10, based on 154 interviews and published August 2013, has it at 16% in use or in plan and 77% not in plan (7% didn’t know the answer).

Check out the rest in the recent webinar on the topic, where the chart is from. We’re refreshing the study so it’ll be fun to see what the results are for Wave 11.

451 Study on SDN adoption – 16% in use or plan

The seven layer ROBO attack

At the branch office what the industry has done is stack up appliances for everything from unified communications to WAN optimization, firewalls, routers, wireless network controllers, etc., so if you have 10,000 offices and four appliances per, you have 40,000 appliances spread all over the place. So what this one says is, “We want to integrate all those branch appliances in software and be able to control the bandwidth to those branch offices a lot more effectively and efficiently. I was pleasantly surprised to see that become one of the top three, because it’s a big issue. It’s a huge amount of cost, and it’s a huge amount of operational burden as well.

The seven layer ROBO attack

What the hell is SDN any how?

In this IT Management and Cloud episode, John and I basically have the same conversation over and over:

John: SDN is awesome!

Coté: I get that, but what exactly does it do, and what’s “normal”?

John: Dude! SDN is awesome! (Yeah, we should figure that out.)

It’s actually a great conversation on the topic.

You can download the audio only directly, watch the video above, or subscribe to the podcast feed to get auto-magically downloaded for yourself.

What the hell is SDN any how?