The Joys of Marginalia

I can’t really concentrate on reading unless I have a pen in my hand. I love marginalia. I love used books and getting a glimpse of some stranger’s relationship to a book that is now in my life. I underline, star, box, vent, exclaim. I like rereading my books and seeing coffee stains or chocolaty fingerprints I left behind the last time I read them.

The Joys of Marginalia

The 100 person limit

Size and internal vs. external coordination costs matter a lot. North of 100 people in a company, employees don’t all know each other. Politics become important. Incentives change. Signaling that work is being done may become more important than actually doing work. These costs are almost always underestimated. Yet they are so prevalent that professional investors should and do seriously reconsider before investing in companies that have more than one office. Severe coordination problems may stem from something as seemingly trivial or innocuous as a company having a multi-floor office. Hiring consultants and trying to outsource key development projects are, for similar reasons, serious red flags. While there’s surely been some lessening of these coordination costs in the last 40 years—and that explains the shift to somewhat smaller companies—the tendency is still to underestimate them. Since they remain fairly high, they’re worth thinking hard about.

The 100 person limit

EMC World: Pivotal boss Paul Maritz talks up plans for new firm

EMC believes that the third era will be one of mobile devices, cloud computing and big data…. "We don’t want you to build an app in Amazon’s cloud and have to pay Amazon a tax for the rest of its lifecycle."

EMC World: Pivotal boss Paul Maritz talks up plans for new firm

How would you define work in a networked world?

Most of these dynamics predate the internet, but digital technologies are magnifying their salience. People keep returning to the mantra of “work-life balance” as a model for thinking about their lives, even as it’s hard to distinguish between what constitutes work and what constitutes life, which is presumably non-work. But this binary makes little sense for many people. And it raises a serious question: what does labor mean in a digital ecosystem where sociality is monetized and personal and professional identities are blurred?

How would you define work in a networked world?

Report: IBM, Lenovo x86 server deal hits the skids

Buying IBM’s x86 server business is the quickest way for Lenovo to rocket up the rankings and become the number four server maker in the world, behind IBM and far behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell. The deal would make Lenovo the number three x86 server maker instantly.

Report: IBM, Lenovo x86 server deal hits the skids

The Secret to IaaS Success? Don’t Beat Amazon Web Services

I suspect the prevalent “slow follower” mentality within the public IaaS companies that are chasing AWS will continue. So too will the confusion about their inability to catch up with AWS, let alone pass them by. At the end of the day, this is about inventing new ways to provide better and more resilient computing infrastructure to the Global 2000. Trying to beat AWS won’t get you there; you need to take the path of innovation and creativity

The Secret to IaaS Success? Don’t Beat Amazon Web Services

Forrester: Middle-Aged Developers Driving Cloud Computing – ReadWrite

In other words, as with open source, these developers can’t be bothered with corporate bureaucracy. In an earlier Forrester survey, developers said the primary benefit of the cloud is that it’s the "Fastest way for me to get my project done and deployed." This calls to mind Redmonk analyst Stephen O’Grady’s assertion that "Convenience trumps just about everything" when it comes to cloud adoption.

Forrester: Middle-Aged Developers Driving Cloud Computing – ReadWrite

Cloud vendors name the price to go private

For many punters, the economic benefits of a pay-as-you-go rented virtual machine start to disappear at around $10,000 of predictable monthly spend, and at this point it really does make sense for them to investigate other support options or even start owning their own hardware.

Cloud vendors name the price to go private