Rebuilding the entire culture

One of the things nerds love to do is look at other people’s stacks and say, “what a house of cards!” In fact I fully expect people to link to this article and write things like, “sounds okay, but they should have used Jizzawatt with the Hamstring extensions and Graunt.ns for all their smexing.”

Here’s what I think: We are rebuilding our entire culture and economy on top of computers, which are crazy light switches that turn on and off a billion-plus times per second.

You can describe what a given computer might do in a given circumstance using math, but there are billions of computers running at all times now, all chatting with each other using different versions of software. So it’s chaos. Everything is a house of cards. You can point at the house of cards and laugh, or you can sit down at the poker table, grab the cards, and deal.

Finally catching up on some reading.

Rebuilding the entire culture

Distributed transaction is, I would say, it’s an anti-pattern, and it is very hard to code in if there are like writes in transactions that need to happen in different places, in different databases, it makes it very difficult to make sure everything works really well.