🗂 Link: Developer Advocacy Inside and Outside a Business

“I think a lot of times as engineers we can build something that’s super complicated and never understand if people can actually use it. So my job as a developer advocate is making sure that I can use it and then make sure that beginners, intermediate and advanced people can also use it,” Douglas said.

Source: Developer Advocacy Inside and Outside a Business

Software Defined Talk 172: The Mainframe Strangler

There’s a new kubernetes, Oracle lay-offs, Zoom.US, and the problem with mainframe complainers.

Just me and Matt Ray this week. Check out the new episode!

Product management in the enterprise

Inside this interview, there’s an excellent explanation of what product management means in an enterprise. By “enterprise,” I mean a company who’s product is not technology. That is, most every company and organization out there. To that end, there’s a great example of doing product management and design at a food services company: discovering the actual problem to solve to meet business needs, and solving it by experimenting with a small batch loop.

See also the original show notes.

Pumping the digital transformation bunny at the US Air Force, an interview with Bryon Kroger

Few organizations have or rely on as much software the US Air Force. There’s plenty of it around and, thus, plenty to be improved. In recent years, one of the more spectacular digital transformation stories has come from the USAF’s work modernizing their Air Operations Control software. In this episode, USAF’s Bryon Kroger goes over how they’ve moved multi-year release cycles to just weeks in the Kessel Run projects. Much of the work is in the “fuzzy front” end of planning and procurement, but as Bryon says, an equally, hearty serving has to do with building up people’s skills, moral, and the overall culture.

One of my recent Pivotal Conversations episodes. There’s a play list collecting together other “customers” talking, rather than the usual of us Pivotal people just talking to ourselves.