Maximizing Cloud Optionality – Pivotal Post

The many modes of Pivotal Cloud Foundry
The many modes of Pivotal Cloud Foundry

I wrote up an explanation of some recently licensing changes we did for our public PaaS and cloud platform product, Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Licensing changes seem pretty boring, but they can be very restrictive in how you think about planning out your IT gunk. This change, essentially, means that you pay for all the different modes of running cloud that you’d want.

Check out the full details. And don’t forget that you can try our public PaaS, Pivotal Web Services free for two months if you’re interest is piqued.

The Digital Apocalypse

I’ve gone to a lot of keynotes over the years and the same topics keep coming up: Software is eating the world! Change or die! buy our products!

In doing the keynote for some of our roadshows recently (Austin, Houston, Cincinattie, and Columbus) I put together a slightly snarky talk looking at those cliches. It all started with me writing up a blog post on a plane however, which was just published over on the Pivotal blog.

The point is to make sense of those topics and see what exactly they mean.

Here’s the slides from the talk as well:

(And yes, I realize there’s actually four and that those are camels. Jokes within jokes!)

What are normal people doing with continuous delivery?


My latest Pivotal blog post is up, it re-caps a presentation I did recently covering what “the market” is doing with continuous delivery.

There’s a lot of opportunity, the glass is half full. See the slides over in my previous post on this talk.

Also, check out the recording of the full talk (it has some bonus material on containers recent role in CD) from HeavyBit, embedded above.

Upcoming Pivotal Roadshows

I’ll be at a couple of Pivotal Cloud Foundry Roadshows, free day long events where you can come learn about what Pivotal has to offer and how it fits in with companies that want to inject more software into themselves. I’m speaking at several of them as well: