Pumping the digital transformation bunny at the US Air Force, an interview with Bryon Kroger

Few organizations have or rely on as much software the US Air Force. There’s plenty of it around and, thus, plenty to be improved. In recent years, one of the more spectacular digital transformation stories has come from the USAF’s work modernizing their Air Operations Control software. In this episode, USAF’s Bryon Kroger goes over how they’ve moved multi-year release cycles to just weeks in the Kessel Run projects. Much of the work is in the “fuzzy front” end of planning and procurement, but as Bryon says, an equally, hearty serving has to do with building up people’s skills, moral, and the overall culture.

One of my recent Pivotal Conversations episodes. There’s a play list collecting together other “customers” talking, rather than the usual of us Pivotal people just talking to ourselves.

Solving the instrumentation problem with Spring Sleuth & Zipkin

While at SpringOne Platform I’ve been recording some Pivotal Conversations podcasts: here’s one with Josh McKenty on the Pivotal ecosystem and a bit on using OpenControl for automating compliance. One of the industry nuggets that’s interesting in that is how a die-hard agile company like Pivotal has to adapt how it works with less agile companies. The discussion role of systems integrators is interesting as well.

One for the systems management nerds

Yesterday I recorded one with Marcin Grzejszczak about the work he (and the rest of the team) have been doing to add better tracing and monitoring into all our cloud native stuff with Spring Sleuth, based on Zipkin. Having coding up a bunch of systems management stuff back when I worked at BMC, this topic is weirdly fascinating for me. I like the sound of the work they’re doing there to solve one of the biggest problems with systems management: developers typically do a shitty job writing their code to be easily monitored. Check out by listening below or downloading the MP3 directly:

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Talking DevOps ROI with the Finance Department

I followed up my recent column on DevOps ROI with a podcast on the topic. Back from the podcasting dead, I called up Ed who is actually a real, live “finance person” to walk through what ROI is and how you’d calculate it for something like DevOps. As ever with Ed, it’s a great conversations.

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DevOps and Coffee in Salt Lake

In this week’s Pivotal Conversations podcast, Andrew and I talk about the history of DevOps and how it’s doing now. Aside for a good recommendation for coffee in Salt Lake, the part that stuck with me most is that we might as well start thinking about DevOps and continious delivery as the same thing. Sure, they’re not perfectly so, but it’s close enough for me. That’s an idea I’m going to float at DevOpsDays Austin next week and see where it takes us.

Check out the show notes for a full transcript and links we mentioned.

Shift key avoidance syndrome, and running clouds

What’re the needs and concerns for running a cloud platform? Also, why do some people refuse to use the shift key? Those hot topics are explored in-depth in the most recent Pivotal Conversations podcast with Andrew and I. Check out the detailed show notes over there, download the episode directly, or listen with the player above!

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Santa Claus delivering cloudy dim sum, James Watters on multi-cloud support and Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.4

My second Pivotal podcast is up, continuing in the conversations is me talking with another Pivotal person, James Watters who heads up the platform group at Pivotal. We talk about the current 1.4 release of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, multi-cloud support, and what customers have been up to. There’s a bit of competative poking at the end as well. And a full transcript!

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