3 Trends a Rearden Data Scientist Would Like to See Visualized: Q&A Series
Kristen Nicole, siliconangle.com

Rear­den is one of the few com­pa­nies uti­liz­ing big data ideals to direct­ly ben­e­fit the con­sumer. With an edge on trav­el pat­terns, Rear­den has a good idea of our behav­ioral pat­terns when it comes to plan­ning and expe­ri­enc­ing a trip…

“It’s a well known maxim among tal­ent­ed mar­ket researchers that mem­o­ry is unre­li­able, and peo­ple are not con­sis­tent at pre­dict­ing what they will want or how they will behave under a hypo­thet­i­cal set of circumstances. We are what we do, not nec­es­sar­i­ly what we claim we’ll do.”

Glasgow Diary

The short story: Went to Glas­gow last week, a lot of walk­ing, a lot of Indi­an food, a lot of cakes.

And in detail, in chrono­log­i­cal order…

Day 1: I was stay­ing at the end of Byres Road where it meets Great West­ern Road.

My first stop…

“The round thing at the front of the plate, a pota­to scone, is new to me.”