Coté Memo #066: The best time to post is an hour after closin’ time

From yesterday, posting here a bit late.


  • It’s been awhile, a little over a month. I hope to see y’all more regularly. I was reading the excellent TechReckoning Dispatch and thought: what the fuck am I doing over here?

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Meanwhile, at work…

I’ve been up to hijinks over at Pivotal. Check out my recent posts there:

  • We did a round of briefing analysts on a bundle of announcements around Pivotal Cloud Foundry. It was fun being on that side of the table again.

  • The podcast with @littleidea is fun.

  • In addition to the blog work, there are several guest columns lined up. I’ll of course link to them once they’re hear. Perhaps I can get some chunks of drafts in here to gauge interest, per usual.


I’ve been pitching some DevOps related talks here and there for the rest of the year. DevOpsDays Austin is coming up, and I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to talk there. Pivotal is sponsoring it, so you can come talk with my co-worker Abby (@ab415) about Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Or, hey, just get some free shit. Why not?

Also, I’m trying to get together some panels going over developer relations. As you may recall, I wrote an introductory level report/how-to on the topic while at 451. The plan was to drive consulting work off that, of course, but now it’s just sort of orphaned. It’d be fun to keep that theme of research going, if only by having some discussions in public about it time to time.

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