Assume that rivals will exercise their options

If you give someone an option, even if it seems like one you don’t want, assume the worst and act/protect yourself accordingly:

In the Rent-A-Center deal, there was actually a lot of work to do, and it distracted Vintage from the extension deadline. In the Van Halen deal, there wasn’t particularly, so Monk cleverly created a lot of work to distract them, and it (apparently) worked. One lesson here is, keep a checklist of your deadlines. Another lesson might be, just because you have a deal with someone and you are working hard together to achieve some goal, don’t just blindly assume that you are partners and your interests are aligned: Think about what the other person’s interests actually are, and keep in mind what your contract actually requires.

A third lesson might be, it is common in finance and economics to assume optimal exercise of options: If someone has the right to do something, and it is in her clear economic interest to do it, that is assumed to be equivalent to “she will do it.” That is a good enough assumption for most cases, but in the real world, sometimes people just forget.

Kim’s big SXSW 2010 show recommendations list


While we can’t go this year, my wife Kim and I usually find all sorts of exciting music at SXSW each year.

The secret is, she’s the one who finds all the good stuff – I’m just lucky enough to tag along.

Several people have asked for her SXSW 2010 recommendations, so here
they are in a giant block of text:

(In no particular order and not complete because I’m too tired to
finish it. -Kim)

Japanther, Superchunk, Anathallo, Here We go Magic, The Sour Notes, The Walkmen, Ume, Those Darlins, The Builders and the Butchers, Yeasayer, Let’s Wrestle, She & Him, Wye Oak, Man or Astroman?, White Denim, Nebula, We Are Scientists, The Wooden Birds, Headlights, Atlas Sound, Broken Social Scene, Ra Ra Riot, Twin Tigers, Miami, Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Blow, Crystal Antlers, Bear In Heaven, Priscilla Ahn, Say Hi, Deer Tick, The Watson Twins, Peelander-Z, Active Child, Shearwater, Zion I, Best Coast, The Drums, Sleigh Bells, Pomegranates, Japan night at Elysium, WOXY day show at Mohawk on Wednesday and all the day shows at Home Slice.

Enjoy, and send some pictures!