Mulesoft to IPO with $187.7m revenue in 2016, losses of $49.6m

The San Francisco-headquartered business revealed it pulled in $187.7m last year, up 170 per cent from its $110.3m in revenue in 2015. Gross profits were just over $138m from $78m, and net losses decreased to a piddling $49.6m, down from $65.4m the year before.

Another take from Barb Darrow, inc.:

Mulesoft has raised $1.5 billion in venture funding from such backers as Lightspeed Venture Partners, Hummer Winblad, and New Enterprise Associates.

Man, that’s a lot of money poured into it since 2006 – “G round.”


Now, eyes on Mulesoft for an exit

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  • “The availability of published APIs means that a software developer can cobble together different mini-services already available—such as Google Maps meshed with Twilio (to add SMS messaging) along with other capabilities—to make something new and different. APIs, in short, let developers use other apps as building blocks for their own applications.”
  • Customers: “Greene highlighted some of Apigee’s more prominent customers, including Walgreens , AT&T , Bechtel, First Data, and Live Nation.”
  • “Mulesoft claims more than 1,000 business customers, including Coca-Cola , Unilever , and General Electric .”
  • “Mulesoft was valued at $1.5 billion after a $128 million funding round in May 2015. Greg Schott has said the company passed $100 million in revenue for its 2015 fiscal year and is on pace to double that amount this year.”
  • From Carl Lehmann’s July 2015 report on MuleSoft: $100m in 2014 bookings; “In Q1 2015, it reported it had 700 paying enterprise customers”

Source: Why Google Is Snapping Up This Startup for $625 Million