🗂 Link: BBC – Future – What the voice inside your head says about you

He compares it to parachuting into an otherwise undisturbed forest: a few small creatures might scurry away, but you can still observe and describe a lot of the forest’s features in something that’s as close to their undisturbed state as you’re ever likely to get.

Source: BBC – Future – What the voice inside your head says about you

Turning anxiety into managerial feedback

My only job. My only work to do. The only thing I have to accomplish, is to learn to feel my feelings unconditionally without the constant stories and judgment. It’s not about what I want to happen. It’s about what is required. What is required comes to me so I can learn to accept it as it comes, and learn to feel what it teaches me. What is required is almost never going to be what I want. I’m learning to let go of what I want and accept what is required. This is the path to love. My only goal in this life, is to learn to love myself unconditionally. This is what matters to me.

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Link: Hey Boss, You Don’t Want Your Employees to Meditate

“Mindfulness might be unhelpful for dealing with difficult assignments at work, but it may be exactly what is called for in other contexts. There is no denying that mindfulness can be beneficial, bringing about calm and acceptance. Once you’ve reached a peak level of acceptance, however, you’re not going to be motivated to work harder.”
Original source: Hey Boss, You Don’t Want Your Employees to Meditate

Link: Stoicism made simple

Aside from the last, this is good advice for any advice format, I including the hustle-medium of marketing:

“– Stoicism is focused on uncomplicated theories of life
– Stoicism is so clear that you can take action from the advice immediately
– Study is not required to understand Stoicism
– The most read Stoic is Lucius Seneca. Marcus Aurelius is also very popular”

Original source: Stoicism made simple

Link: How Culture Affects Depression

“[B]y virtue of prioritizing emotions and personal happiness, in contexts like the U.S., we are creating a discrepancy between how we feel and how we are supposed to feel… In western societies, we don’t see enough adaptive strategies like reappraisal: learning to tell yourself a different story that would eventually lead to different emotions.”

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