Link: Why Mexico has not become more prosperous—and how it could

“In other words, workers end up in jobs where they are less productive than they might be. Too many individuals who should be workers become entrepreneurs or are self-employed. Efficient businesses are taxed and penalised, while subsidies help sustain unproductive ones. Joseph Schumpeter’s notion of “creative destruction”, in which capitalist competition drives out weaker firms and rewards stronger ones, is paralleled in Mexico by “destructive creation”, quips Mr Levy, in which the environment favours the entry and survival of weak businesses that hinder the growth of stronger ones.”

I don’t understand any of the economic jibber-jabber in there, but I like a food “big systems and complicated” story.
Original source: Why Mexico has not become more prosperous—and how it could

Coté Memo #064: I’m calling from Mexico, someone has stolen the Venus de Milo!


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Week in Mexico

I had a nice chance to spend the week in Mexico this week. A friend of mine rented a house here in Sayulita and asked if we wanted to go along. Since I work remotely, so long as there’s a fast enough Internet connection, I’m good to go. Now, the family is frolicing around on the beach while I type away in cyberspace. What a world!

That advice from The Hitchhiker’s Guide was right, though: we should of brought more towels.

Allow to comment on the odd design of these matches:

Week in Mexico

First off all, the Venus statue. Sure. Makes sense for matches. And there’s a train, of course, and the Pantheon goes along with the statue…plus you can win $1,500 pesos? I’m not really sure what’s happening here.

I like to think there’s a caper where someone stole the Venus de Milo and is transporting it on a train. Perhaps an overworked Mexican detective is working with interpol investigating where this Mexican train is traveling and trying to find the statue. I don’t know, they sent the Venus di Milo to a musem in Mexico, or it was being transporting between the Panama Canal and Boston, or something. A sort of The City and The City situataion? Hijinks occur, and they end up solving the mystery with some match sticks.

That’s probably it.

Here’s some photos of the area:

Week in Mexico

Week in Mexico

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