451: Mesosphere momentum, container usage

From Jay Lyman:

Mesosphere says it is adding enterprise customers and building up deal sizes. The company has also grown its number of employees to 200, up from 150 in March. Mesosphere declined to comment, but 451 Research estimates its annual revenue is in the $25m range.”

And, from a recent survey on container usage:

Our Voice of the Enterprise (VotE) Software-Defined Infrastructure, Workloads and Key Projects survey, conducted in April and May, indicates that out of 718 enterprise IT decision-makers polled 23.7% have implemented containers. By comparison, 25.1% have implemented Software-Defined Networking, 26.7% have implemented Software-Defined Storage and 92.9% have implemented server virtualization.

Source: Mesosphere rises where containers and big data come together in the enterprise

Mesosphere bringing Twitter’s infrastructure secret sauce to the Global 2000 (451 Report)

Mesosphere demo during a briefing in June 2014

As Coté Memo subscribers know I’ve been working on a report on Mesosphere. It now up, as alway available for 451 clients.

Here’s the 451 Take:

As with vendors like CoreOS, Docker and Red Hat (and the work around Google Kubernetes), Mesosphere is rethinking the infrastructure needed for cloud-native applications. We see a growing demand to rewrite and re-platform the bulk of applications existent in the consumer and enterprise spaces to fit into mobile and tablet form factors and take advantage cloud infrastructure. For example, the recent IBM/Apple partnership promises to develop ‘hundreds’ of iOS native applications and the back-end services to support those apps. As cloud platforms like OpenStack mature, alternatives like Mesosphere may present architectural – and wallet-share – competition for public and private cloud. As companies look to solve these problems, they may find themselves intellectually behind – most companies are just now addressing lower-level cloud infrastructure needs – requiring companies like Mesosphere to do a hefty amount of thought-leadership and market-making.

If you’re not a client, take a trial for a spin, it’s good stuff back there behind the paywall.

Mesosphere bringing Twitter’s infrastructure secret sauce to the Global 2000 (451 Report)