How’s HPE doing? Shrinking on purpose & otherwise

Many quotes of HPE’s CEO, Meg Whitman, explaining the state of HPE, 18 months after all the hijinks. Also, notes on some further cost reductions in the works: “We believe we can take out another $200 million to $300 million in cost in just the second half of this year.”

Stuart Lauchlan’s conclusion:

No-one can doubt the ambition in play here, a corporate reinvention on a massive scale that was never going to be entirely without bumps in the road.

See also his summary of the other half, HP.


Hardware layoffs at Oracle

Oracle claims the company isn’t closing the Santa Clara facility with this reduction in force. Instead, “Oracle is refocusing its Hardware Systems business, and for that reason, has decided to lay off certain of its employees in the Hardware Systems Division.”

Those hardware employees appear to have been Oracle’s failing SPARC hardware department staffers. In mid 2016, Oracle claimed its new SPARC S7 processor would be offered on Oracle Cloud. The cloud is Oracle’s new revenue hope since its new software licensing revenue plummeted by 20 percent in its last quarter ended December 15. At the same time, Oracle’s hardware revenue had fallen 13 percent.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise to cut 30,000 jobs

“cut another 30,000 jobs” – shedding droves of people happens at big tech companies a lot. I always wonder how their system got so inefficient that they hired this many extra people. It’s a strange problem once you start thinking through it: each of those hires was thought to be needed to be profitable, and now all the sudden they’re not needed…?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to cut 30,000 jobs

Microsoft Targets Hardware Business With 7,800 Job Cuts

Seems like the Nokia acquisition was a bad idea? “As a result of the cuts, Microsoft said it will record an impairment charge of approximately $7.6 billion related to assets associated with the acquisition of the Nokia business in addition to a restructuring charge of approximately $750 million to $850 million.”

Microsoft Targets Hardware Business With 7,800 Job Cuts