The Internet is still the wild-west

Good pointing out of needing some law and ethics to catch up to the Internet:

The Internet brought us hyperconnectedness, but we’re really not ready to cope. We don’t have institutions and firewalls in place to prevent abuse of the system. The law can’t keep up, and doesn’t have the teeth in place anyway.


Dealing with copyrighted APIs

“I am not a lawyer, but from a developer perspective, the idea of copyrighted APIs does nothing but introduce friction and uncertainty into the very integration efforts the developers use APIs to accomplish,” said Jeffrey Hammond, a vice president at Forrester Research. “Devs will now need to worry about the potential for API lock-in via copyright, as alternative suppliers can’t produce like-for-like substitutions without risk. I don’t see how this is good for developers as it amps up the fear, uncertainty, and doubt about using third-party services.”

Donnie has a detailed piece as well, along with this example:

This is going to create a lot of difficulty for everyone reimplementing S3 APIs, for example, such as OpenStack and others, with the exception of Eucalyptus because of its Amazon partnership.

Dealing with copyrighted APIs