Jay Lyman and myself were on the DevOps Cafe Podcast yesterday, with the video recording up first of course. We discussed the DevOps adoption and mainstream maturity that we see out there in our analyst romping. As Damon mentions, Jay wrote one the original (as he types it) devops analyst reports.

Be sure to subscribe to their podcast feed, as I do, to get the audio version, and listen to all the other episodes. This is one of the best outlets for keepingup with DevOps out there at the moment.

What the hell is SDN any how?

In this IT Management and Cloud episode, John and I basically have the same conversation over and over:

John: SDN is awesome!

Coté: I get that, but what exactly does it do, and what’s “normal”?

John: Dude! SDN is awesome! (Yeah, we should figure that out.)

It’s actually a great conversation on the topic.

You can download the audio only directly, watch the video above, or subscribe to the podcast feed to get auto-magically downloaded for yourself.

What the hell is SDN any how?

DevOps Taxonomy, Docker, Acquiring Hot Startups – IT Management & Cloud Podcast #91

We rejoin to start talking about IT Management and (probably) mostly cloud. It’s good to be talking with John again. As with DrunkAndRetired, we’ll mostly record these in Google Hangouts (watch Twitter for me sending the link out if you want to watch it live), and then I’ll put up the audio only in the podcast feed.

You can watch the video above, download the MP3 audio directly, or subscribe with one of these methods:

Show Notes:

  • (By my count, this is #91. We left off with [#89](over two years ago), and we had a little interlude back at DellWorld 2012…so we’ll just start up there ;)
  • Is there a taxonomy to DevOps? Being an analyst again, I care a great deal about how to bucket out the world.
  • In John’s experience, “everyone” who’s buying cloud wants continuous delivery
  • Ansible and Salt tend to be where Nagios was 5 years ago”: it’s popping up everywhere.
  • I ask John whatever happened to Nagios. It’s still everywhere!
  • John tells us about Docker , the darling du’jour. Check out this piece from 451 on the topic.
  • We also discuss the quandary of how an acquiring company would put a value and justify paying for OpsCode or Puppet Labs . I suggest that they’d likely go for a high price, and multiple, so the acquirer will need a good, awesome plan for that “investment.”