The last week of January

Birthday Cake

This month started off with my birthday, as it does every year. Kim was kind enough to throw me a surprise party – the second she’s done – and many people were kind enough to come. Some even brought gifts, one of which I quickly finished off, mostly on the night of the party with willing help.

Getting back into the routine is what January is for. After a two week Christmas and New Year’s break, you get used to the life of leisure. It doesn’t seem like that at the time – esp. when you’re minding family business – but it is different than the work life, that life having a pleasing soma effect once you can gulp down enough of it.

The answer to getting back into the flow of things is that annoying business adults always tell you when you’re struggling as a kid: you just start doing it, and lots of it. Which now seems like more of annoying Nike-induced slogan than folk advice.

If work is a type of soma, coffee is the soma of work, so it’s off to get some of that.