The sales force is now using iPads

Nice anecdote about iPads going from zero to full use in mainstream-sounding use cases:

I’m not a “tech” guy, but wanted to give you a perspective from a person who works for a fortune 500 company.

I recently returned from a National Sales meeting, and was amazed with the iPhone market share within our company 95%+. Not to mention that every sales and marketing employee is given an iPad for “work” use. Mine consists of hundreds of apps that are not for work use, which is consistent with other employees. All of our marketing material is now pushed to our iPad, which allows us to do sales presentations on our iPads. After 3 years we get a new iPad.

Contrast that with three years ago, when most of us said we had to have BB’s, because Apple didn’t work well with Outlook. Our PCs/Notebooks had to be Windows based, because that works with the VPN, and we could use Excel for ROIs, and PowerPoint for presentations.

I’m not an Apple zealot looking to convince someone it’s the greatest company in the world, but after what I’ve seen from my company over the past three years I’m now a shareholder of aapl. This is just a perspective from one Fortune 500 company with over 25,000 employees

The sales force is now using iPads