Highlight from: Redefining Agility in the Digital Age – Donna Fitzgerald

As PPM Leaders how can we expect other’s to deal with the profound organizational changes that will be required by life in the digital age if we aren’t willing to show the way by changing our own ways of doing things?

The second thing required of us on the road to achieving agility is a willingness to lead others through the change we ourselves have committed to.


025: .NET and Beyond 12 Factors with Kevin Hoffman (Pivotal Conversations)

We’ve seen a goodly spate of news in the container space recently which we cover in the episode. In the second half, we talk with Kevin Hoffman about the .NET world, Steel Toe, and his book, Beyond the Twelve-Factor App. A recent survey from the Cloud Foundry Foundation is widening the framing around container management, adding in the use of Platform-as-a-Service into the usual container orchestration mix. The survey also shows some interesting results around adoption, e.g., managing containers in production ends up being more difficult than people predict during evaluations. Also since our last episode, DockerCon brought a bevy of announcements in the container ecosystem which we cover briefly. And highly relevant to our guest, Kevin Hoffman, .NET Core 1.0 was officially released, as open source. In the second half we talk about the recent history of .NET and how it’s being used to create microservices. We also talk about the three extra “factors” Kevin’s book adds to the 12 factor app and typical experiences when migrating to 12 factor apps.

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Full show notes: pivotal.io/podcast

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From: The British exit and tech: After the shock, uncertainty is the only certainty

In order to exploit being outside the EU, the UK may choose to lower corporation tax – currently at 20%, compared with 33% in France, and 12.5% in Ireland.

This, along with the potential for less regulations and more favorable anti-trust/monopoly treatment seems like one the biggest possible changes in tech with respect to the “Brexit.” However, cutting off easy access to staff (across all of the EU) might confound it all. Who knows, really?

Source: The British exit and tech: After the shock, uncertainty is the only certainty

From: DockerCon 2016: A Summary of Announcements and Key Takeaways

During a media lunch Golub stated that approximately 25% of attendees at the conference had role titles associated with an operations/sysadmin function

What’s interesting here is that it suggests that the Docker community starts with developers, and builds to sysadmins. Which, pretty much, checks out with anecdotes.

Source: DockerCon 2016: A Summary of Announcements and Key Takeaways