DevOps and Coffee in Salt Lake

In this week’s Pivotal Conversations podcast, Andrew and I talk about the history of DevOps and how it’s doing now. Aside for a good recommendation for coffee in Salt Lake, the part that stuck with me most is that we might as well start thinking about DevOps and continious delivery as the same thing. Sure, they’re not perfectly so, but it’s close enough for me. That’s an idea I’m going to float at DevOpsDays Austin next week and see where it takes us.

Check out the show notes for a full transcript and links we mentioned.

For electronic recipients of Computergram International the last story is a little difficult. The nearest this electronic sub editor can get is to ask you to imagine the Old Spice advert, except that rather than a muscular antipodean on a surf board, you should imagine a muscular antipodean on an 80286 upgrade board. For those who cannot allow their imagination to extend this far, refer to the hardcopy C.I. or the Hypertec Pty press release (enough said).

The decline of Novell

I’ve been reading up on Novell’s history. So far it’s got some fascinating twists and turns. Wikipedia sums up the turning point well:

The inclusion of networking as a core system component in all mainstream PC operating systems after 1995 led to a steep decline in Novell’s market share.

That is, once networking become “commoditized,” the unique position Novell had with IPX changed. And then there’s some channel hijinks that happened.

I’m also obsessed with figuring out what went wrong at Sun in the 2000s – Novell seems like some good mental training wheels for that.

The decline of Novell