Finding talent in tech

My column this month in The Register looks at “the skills gap” most hiring managers see when it comes to tech skill. The suggestions for fixing it are, of course, to fix the framing, expectations, and profile of people you’re looking for. As Andrew Clay Shafer put it: there is no talent shortage.

Source: “You can’t find tech staff – wah, wah, wah. Start with your ridiculous job spec”

OpenStack: It’s easy if you’re a full stack developer

“OpenStack talent is a rarified discipline,” McKenty said, adding, “to be good with OpenStack, you need to be a systems engineer, a great programmer but also really comfortable working with hardware. You need to understand how the infrastructure works under the covers.”

“There’s 2,000 people working on OpenStack on the vendor side, and the customers can’t compete with HP to hire OpenStack engineers. So they’re relying on us to make OpenStack work for them,” McKenty said.

OpenStack: It’s easy if you’re a full stack developer