“When have you crushed days into minutes for me lately, nerd?!”

Dennis reports on a refer SAP user group survey which points to difficult up-take for HANA. It seems like the primary blocker is coming up with justifiable reasons to buy and use the thing, a “business case,” as the kids say.

On the other hand, the actual performance of the thing seem to be real, if under-appreciated by those report hungry LoB-monsters:

BW on SAP HANA was always going to be an easy win given the time it takes to run reports. Crushing days into minutes and hours is a massive obvious win. What is less clear is whether those kinds of win turn into cash that can be released into other projects or process improvement. One problem I came across was that the massive speed improvements had put data analysts under incredible pressure as LOB started feeding them with many questions, not just the handful they’d been used to hefting.

I suppose that’ll be the result of Big Data installs over time: “when have you crushed days into minutes for me lately, nerd?!”

Here’s another take in the ASUG survey from Chris Kanaracus.

“When have you crushed days into minutes for me lately, nerd?!”

The service runs in an HP managed cloud environment, as a managed virtual private cloud or a managed private cloud, within a regionalized, enterprise-class HP data center facility, the company said. It is powered by HP AppSystem for SAP HANA which is SAP certified, and allows customers to benefit from in-memory computing technology and process large quantities of data in the main memory of the server to provide quicker results from analysis and transactions.