Kubernetes as the hybrid cloud magic maker

From 451’s report on Google Next:

Google believes that a hybrid architecture will persist in the coming years as enterprises continue to migrate workloads to various clouds. Its hybrid cloud architecture revolves around its virtual private cloud. Google VPC is an instantiation of GCP that can dedicate compute, storage and network resources to an enterprise. It is built upon Google’s proprietary private global network designed for high reliability, low latency and hardened security. Kubernetes acts as the orchestration and operational backplane for hybrid implementations. Elasticity and scale are achieved by linking to Google public cloud services.

It also has many numbers on market-share, SI/channel development, and geographic foot-print.

Source: Google Cloud Next 2017: Slow and steady race to greater enterprise public cloud adoption

Snapchat spending $400m/yr. on Google Cloud

The biz has also just signed a deal to spend $400m a year on Google’s cloud hosting over the next five years – that’s $2bn in total for the Gmail giant.

That’s an amazing chunk of spend for a hats on cats business. Hopefully, Ben Thompson’s theories that Snapchat is the new TV pan out.