D K Sushi and Seoul Asian Food Market – A Brief Review

Naked Tiger Roll

DK’s is a neighborhood sushi bar – a few blocks from my house – if that concept even makes sense. There’s tables inside a small Asian market, and you walk up to the beer fridge to select your beer and sake. The sushi is delicious and affordable, and it’s a casual place. The same sushi chef is there all the time, and he does magic stuff with different degrees of warmth for the sushi. The fish has been fresh tasting the two times I’ve been there, and the staff (one or two waiters in addition to the sushi chef) are friendly.

It’s not fancy decor or anything, just good eating. DK’s is a good place to go to hang out with friends and eat well, not impress people or yourself.

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Frank – A Hot Dog Review


At Frank, it’s hot-dog gimmicks and bacon galore, but they’re good eating at not too high of a cost. We have a weird mixture of “hand crafted”/local food and a love of fast-food here in Austin resulting in gourmet food from trailers, burger battles, and now hot-dogs. The “Artisan” hot-dogs are fun and tasty – I like the antelope and rabbit one, the Jackalope. Also, the regular hot-dogs, optionally wrapped in a flapjack (a corn pancake), are delicious as well.

The prices are reasonable, but add up fast, esp. for the sides – $4 for the healthy side option, a broccoli salad is silly. The hot-dogs are appropriatly priced at around $4 depending on the extras you get.

In addition to the usual, short menu, they have a massive list of “daily specials,” so keep your eyes out for that.

Last time I went, I had the bacon infused bourbon and the poutine waffle fries. I’d gone on opening week and they were out of the bacon bourbon, so the bar-tender whipped some up on the spot. This last time, there was no A-Teaming at the bar, and I ordered it neat to try it out. There’s certainly a bacon taste in there, and, sure, it’s worth trying once in your like for $7.50. But, after a few sips your mouth is coated with bacon fat and you’re trying to guzzle down the rest. I wouldn’t say bacon makes the Maker’s better.

Waffle Fry Poutine

The poutine was delicious. I’ve never had proper poutine, so maybe it was a pale imitation, but it hit the spot for me. Poutine is a Canadian drunk-food that’s fries covered in brown gravy with cheese curds on-top. It’s exactly what it sounds like, so if you like that kind of stuff, get on down to Frank, order a Maker’s sans-bacon (or a Modelo) along with poutine and hot dog, and you’ll be riding high on the hog.

Hyde Park Ground Sirloin Burger

Click play above to se the video review of the Hyde Park burger, read below, or do both!

Introducing The Burger Beat

Of late, I’ve noticed there’s a rash of fantastic burgers here in Austin. We’ve got all sorts of little places that serve burgers in the style of fast-food restaurants, classic-style (as the Hyde Park burger reviewed here is), and more unique variations. Whatever the style, we’ve definitely built up a culture of burgers here in Austin.

To that end, I thought I’d start reviewing Austin burgers, and call it “The Burger Beat.”

Burger #1 – Hyde Park Bar and Grill

Hyde Park Bar & Grill Burger

Kim and I went to Hyde Park Bar and Grill recently. It’s pretty much my default choice when I can’t think of somewhere else to eat, but I’d never really had their burger.

They offer three burgers: a regular, a half pound ground sirloin, and a kobe burger. The kobe burger came on a focaccia bun, which seems like a bad omen. So, I chose the sirloin, medium-rare.

As I recount in the video above, it was actually an extremely well made burger, if a little salty. You could taste the tender meat and the grill. That said, nothing really stood out about it: the bun wasn’t fantastic, it was dripping with flavor, there was no special sauce…it was just made perfectly.

Hyde Park’s french fries, of course, are legendary around Austin. They’re lightly breaded and come with a nice mayonnaise-based sauce. They’re worth ordering as an appetizer no matter what you’re getting – you’ll probably want the half order.

What’s the man, exactly? Well, you won’t be displeased, for sure, but it won’t be the most memorable burger you’ve ever had. Get it if you’re there and you want a burger.