Link: Progressive Delivery, a History…. Condensed

“On the business side, Progressive Delivery involves two core changes in the delivery model:

Release progression – progressively increasing the number of users that are able to see (and are impacted by) new features (e.g. Stage 1: visible to developers only; Stage 2: visible to developers and beta users; Stage 3: visible to more users; Stage n: visible to everyone)

Delegation – progressively delegating the control of the feature to the owner that is most closely responsible for the outcome. (e.g. Stage 1: Release owner = dev. Stage 2: Release owner = PM; Stage 3: Release owner = Marketing; Stage n: Release owner = Customer Success)

An important point about delegation: while the initial implementation likely involves both the assignment of responsibility as well as the need for manual approval or action, the goal should be to base all of the delegation changes or release progressions on criteria and use metrics and event data to automate the transitions.”
Original source: Progressive Delivery, a History…. Condensed