Coté Memo #036: HP buys Eucalyptus, mind-mapping-aaS


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HP buys Eucalyptus

The addition of Marten to HP’s world-class Cloud leadership team will strengthen and accelerate the strategy we’ve had in place for more than three years, which is to help businesses build, consume and manage open source hybrid clouds,“ said Whitman. "Marten will enhance HP’s outstanding bench of Cloud executives and expand HP Helion capabilities, giving customers more choice and greater control of private and hybrid cloud solutions.

We cover this in Software Defined Talk today. I start with some context on HP, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, and "AWS compatibility.” It’s nice to have three different perspectives.

As you can conclude from the discussion, I find it both perplexing and exciting. As we say in SDT, from a customer perspective “I want an AWS-compatible cloud that just works (as much as a private cloud can)” it makes sense; from a portfolio perspective (“which HP cloud did you want buy?”) it seems to add confusion. I suggest giving them some time to explain their plans. Should be fun in Paris at the upcoming OpenStack Summit.

We have a 451 Deal Analysis report on this in the works and it’ll hopefully be out tomorrow. In the mean time, check out Barb Darrow’s quick coverage.


I signed up for a paid account at MindMeister today. I think I like it. I’m eager to see how the mobile part works.

Also, it was cool that it has 2FA and uses the Google Authenticator. I poked around and it turns out Evernote does as well. For some reason, I love that!

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