There should be a word for “when you use a fancy word, thus establishing your erudition, and your subject, not being so erudite, takes it as an insult.”


Sweden, where one lives if one wants to avoid coal rolling.

I can’t vouch for the “vast right wing media conspiracy angle,” but:

The core of the ethnonationalist perspective is that a country’s constituent groups and demographics are locked in a zero-sum struggle for resources. Any government intervention that favors one group disfavors the others. Government and other institutions are either with you or against you.

What FOX and talk radio have been teaching the right for decades is that native-born, working- and middle-class whites are locked in a zero-sum struggle with rising Others — minorities, immigrants, gays, coastal elitists, hippie environmentalists, etc. — and that the major institutions of the country have been coopted and are working on behalf of the Others.

And back to the “synecdoche” in question:

I will continue to roll coal anytime I feel like and fog your stupid eco-cars.

Was it not Franklin – or maybe Jefferson? – who said “the best way to express your freedom is to shit all over it.”

See also “asshole vs. jerk” and the tactics of my tribe when it comes to being an asshole to make a point.

Source: This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach