Lunch notebook – 20200128

It’s lunch time here in Amsterdam, so it’s time to clear out the ephemera:

  • I rewatched this modernization webinar from AirFrance-KLM. There’s lots of good tips on putting together your modernization strategy and program. They have a portfolio of over 2,000 applications, the oldest from 1968! The airline runs well, but they wanted to add in more agility and be ready for running on new types of infrastructure, clouds. So, they’ve started small and slowly been doing projects, learning along the way, and then scaling up once they know better how to proceed. It reminds me of that line from a US Air Force slide: you can’t scale agile until you can do agile well on the small scale. I’ve got lots of notes and will hopefully write it up soon.
  • After hunting down links for the podcast with Paul, I was reminded of It looks like a good service for hosting my speaker’s profile. Now, I need to go through and add my past talks and stuff. It certainly looks more pretty than what I could do on my own.
  • The Moldy Peaches – that song from Juno came up on Kim’s playlist last night and I remembers how much I liked this album. “Let’s go to the beach. Let’s talk about movies. Let’s get a bite to eat.” What was I doing in 2001? Boy, that’s three of four life-times away. I barely remember, but I think I was there. And who can forget: “THESE BURGERS ARE CRAZY.”
  • Pivot podcast episode – Scott suggests throwing in the towel when it comes to composting with Amazon: sell your retail business and buy Amazon stock. Is that a valid strategy? I suppose Berkshire Hathaway does that, other holding companies.
  • Looks interesting: The Long Road to Cloud Native Computing
  • Maybe it’s not such a good idea to “be a tech company” – many unicorn IPOs drop value of the company.
  • “At some point I wondered if that comfort was an obstruction to getting to new places.” – it’s always good to let yourself be sloppy with notebooks.
  • Kubernetes takes over – on Docker and Mesosphere.