It’s episode #184 of the Drunk and Retired Podcast, audio only this episode. We talk about expenses, what it says about trusting your employees (or not!), and much more, like LISP, I think.

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Enterprise software, what is it? – Podcast #182

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  • Pickle Jar Pooping – we used to do good podcasts
  • Still better than half the stuff out there – yes!
  • The last time we talked about “enterprise software,” episode 169.

Enterprise software, what is it? – Podcast #182 Recording #181 (by Michael Coté)

If you don’t like video, here’s the audio only, and it’s also in the podcast feed.

Show Notes:
– Charles is getting paid to write command-line tools! Namely, rumm a tool that wraps around Rackspace cloud.

  • We discuss multi-cloud management , the theoretic problem and what we’re seeing in the wild right now – not much beyond DIY fun.
  • Cote dreams about setting up a cheese private cloud that can be imaged with OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware, etc. with some dummy apps to test out cloud management software.
  • Using OmniFocus – a light conversation of contexts vs. projects, and Charles lack of focus. Charles says he uses Org Mode in emacs just fine.

We discuss our naive understanding of how the stock market works, primarily, the motivations for people to buy and sell stocks.

We hope to start recording more frequently, sorry it’s taken a year. These will be over on from now on too, just there, no annoying cross-posting unless I do it mistake, as in here ;>