Enterprise software, what is it? – DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast #182

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  • Pickle Jar Pooping – we used to do good podcasts
  • Still better than half the stuff out there – yes!
  • The last time we talked about “enterprise software,” episode 169.

Enterprise software, what is it? – DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast #182

DrunkAndRetired.com Recording #181 (by Michael Coté)

If you don’t like video, here’s the audio only, and it’s also in the podcast feed.

Show Notes:
– Charles is getting paid to write command-line tools! Namely, rumm a tool that wraps around Rackspace cloud.

  • We discuss multi-cloud management , the theoretic problem and what we’re seeing in the wild right now – not much beyond DIY fun.
  • Cote dreams about setting up a cheese private cloud that can be imaged with OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware, etc. with some dummy apps to test out cloud management software.
  • Using OmniFocus – a light conversation of contexts vs. projects, and Charles lack of focus. Charles says he uses Org Mode in emacs just fine.