Link: Datical automates database deployments; it’s DevOps for data

“The vendor has been adding to its stable of paying customers and now has more than 40, many of which are Fortune 500 enterprises. It did not report annual revenue, but we estimate it to be under but nearing $10m.”
Original source: Datical automates database deployments; it’s DevOps for data

Link: Datical cozies up to Pivotal for synchronized database updates

‘Datical automatically examines SQL scripts created by developers and aligns them with a common object model. “We create a package so you have an immutable artifact that goes from development to test to production just like your app code,” Reeves said. The software checks for inefficiencies, such as the use of multiple indices or joins, and flags them before changing the schema…. Datical’s containerized image can be run with Concourse as part of a testing pipeline to enable application development teams to push application and database changes through the release cycle at the same time. The company’s will cross-sell each other products, although the arrangement isn’t exclusive, Reeves said.’
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