There was a record amount of snow on Christmas Eve in Fort Worth this year and I ended up being here to see it.

Kim and I had to quickly change our holiday plans due to an unexpected visit to the hospital for my grandmother. She’s doing fine now, but we left Tuesday morning to come spend time with here while she’s been here being monitored.

Being up in Fort Worth, however, we were able to witness the snow: three inches of it! The snow piled on in classic white blanket fashion.

I’d escaped getting snowed into the hospital right before the blizzard piled it in over the afternoon. The next day, Christmas, it melted away just as quickly as it’d come in. Some patches of snow survived in the shade, but it was just puddles and the occasional snow patch on the roads back to the hospital on Christmas.

Xmas gifts: stubby Star Wars figures

Here’s one I never liked as a kid: little figures that don’t have movable arms and legs. I liked the little GI Joe guys the most put of all my toys, so all the other figures are judged by their realisticness. Odd sidenote on the GI Joes: I had a ton Playmobile figures that I also liked; I always had those figures cast as the “civilians.”

But back to these stubby Star Wars guys: one of my nephews loves these things! He was lucky enough to get 4 packs of ’em.