CCOS #004 – Facebook culling, plain txt vs. f2f, dungeons

Senior Dancy and myself are back to talk about life in a too connected world and oblique strategies for coping with the world outside out head. As ever, very soon, there will be a proper podcast. In the meantime, check out the video above, and here’s some show notes:

  • The Facebook culling, by Kim – this is a good metaphor for how I feel like I should be thinking about work
  • Shingy
  • Meetings in real-life vs. plain-text interaction
  • Is Google Docs a dancing bear?
  • Dumb Starbucks
  • and peekinto
  • The fallacy of opportunity cost – “your time is worth $xxx/hour”; not when I’m washing dishes. Or should I really have three toilets in my hotel room?

CCOS #004 – Facebook culling, plain txt vs. f2f, dungeons