Coté Show #23: “I don’t have a horse or gun.” Or: We were born in Austin. Or: “you may all go to hell. I am going to Texas.”

Another episode of Charles’ and I’s “throw-back” to our Drunk and Retired Podcast days. This one, on the topic of people’s perceptions of Texas abroad.

Check out the show notes for subscription options and links to stuff mentioned in the show. Recording #181 (by Michael Coté)

If you don’t like video, here’s the audio only, and it’s also in the podcast feed.

Show Notes:
– Charles is getting paid to write command-line tools! Namely, rumm a tool that wraps around Rackspace cloud.

  • We discuss multi-cloud management , the theoretic problem and what we’re seeing in the wild right now – not much beyond DIY fun.
  • Cote dreams about setting up a cheese private cloud that can be imaged with OpenStack, CloudStack, VMware, etc. with some dummy apps to test out cloud management software.
  • Using OmniFocus – a light conversation of contexts vs. projects, and Charles lack of focus. Charles says he uses Org Mode in emacs just fine.

It’s Podcast #180-ish! Coté’s new job, literate programming, and documentation.


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Whiteboarding the Project Sputnik Back-end

As mentioned earlier today, we launched a new project, named Sputnik, around exploring what a developer laptop would look like, here at the day-job. Part of what we want to make is a cloud-hosted service that allows developers to quickly setup their Sputnik machine with various profiles and, as we get into, allow the overall community to contribute profiles as well.

In the video above, Charles Lowell (of The FrontSide) and I talk through some thinking about what that service would be. As we emphasize, it’s just brain-storming at this point. We’d love to hear your thoughts!