Link: Yes, DevOps is all about business growth, especially the digital variety

Vendor survey, but whatever: “A survey of 1,300 executives just released by CA Technologies and Freeform Dynamics finds that while 75 percent recognize that these approaches drive significant business success when implemented together, only a relatively small proportion — about one in five — consider the consistency, depth and breadth of usage of these practices to be high.”
Original source: Yes, DevOps is all about business growth, especially the digital variety

CA Technologies FY2015Q1 marginalia, experimenting with CriticMarkup

Screenshot of markdowning next to rendering

While reading through CA’s recent quarterly conference call transcript, I thought I’d try out an idea I had this morning: using CriticMarkup to DIY what does: annotating content. It worked OK, except I didn’t invest time in getting the HTML output right, so it looks kind of crappy – you can see the raw markdown file as well.

I actually tried using as well, but it started acting goofy so I gave up.

I’d love to be able to do more of these, but I need to get the publishing part right. The HTML is actually pretty simple, I just need a good stylesheet and (I’m guessing) some JavaScript. Any takers to help out?

CA divests ERwin to Embarcadero

Embarcadero expands its DBA tools business, CA focuses more on IT ops:

“We are actively managing our portfolio and investments, and the sale of CA ERwin further sharpens our focus on core capabilities, such as IT Business Management, DevOps and Security across mainframe, distributed, cloud and mobile environments,” [Jacob Lamm, executive vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development of CA] said.

CA divests ERwin to Embarcadero

Once people use it, cloud seems secure enough

Most of the time, surveys tend to show, once people use cloud, security seems a-OK. Before they use cloud, it’s a big concern of course. This is why I’m always concerned about what “cloud security” is. I think it’s, you know, just normal security, table stakes. Computers!

Here’s a recent survey along these lines:

The study found that 98% of enterprises surveyed believed the cloud met or exceeded their expectations for security, and the finding was true across several flavors of cloud – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Nearly one-third also indicated that “security has been less of an issue than originally thought.” And “enhanced security” was cited by many as a primary objective when implementing IaaS (38%), PaaS (38%) or SaaS (41%).

In this one, people are even looking for cloud to make security better. Crazy!

(I see that CA is involved in the survey: I haven’t lead-gen’ed myself to check out the original work yet.

Once people use it, cloud seems secure enough