All about VMware’s OoenStack distro.

Check out the pricing:

You may already own it. VIO is free to use for any organization with Enterprise Plus licensing.

Support is optional. This is great for organizations that want to kick the tires, but aren’t quite ready to move to production. OpenStack is more than just a technology, it is a shift in thinking. It may take organizations a while to make it there, so why pay for something you don’t quite need yet? When you’re ready to go production, it will cost $200 per CPU, with a 50 CPU minimum.

So, “free” if you’re already a customer and don’t want support. Fits well for the PoC and dev/test projects, and helps VMware retain customers who want to look into OpenStack. Also, with NSX under the hood, the hope is that one of the more complex parts of cloud, networking, works. We’ll have to track uptake over the next year; VMware has an interesting model here.