Maker's Mark Wrapping Paper

Maker's Mark Wrapping Paper

I, dear readers, am what they call a Maker’s Mark Ambassador. As part of that, I just got a little Maker’s Mark wrapping paper set in the mail: wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift tags. See more photos here.

Hot damn!

The paper is made up of Christmas-y snow-flakes made up of bottles of my mainstay bourbon (yeah, guess which one it is!) and the labels are little bottles too. The idea, you’d guess, would be to use it to wrap bottles of Maker’s to give out to people, which I’m sure I’ll do as my annual gift of booze to my dad (on his birthday too). Sadly, there’s nothing drinkable in the tube, but it looks handy none-the-less.

Sidebar: one of the best, easiest gift you can give a man (and some women) is simply a bottle of nice booze. It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing expensive, it can even be Wild Turkey trash-chic. But if you’re in a pinch, most men will smile when they open it.

Back to this lofty “Ambassador” thing. If you want me to nominate you, email me your name and address and I’ll sign up you. I have Kuldip Oberoi to thank for my nomination – thanks! Of course, you can just do it yourself if you prefer the Coté run-around. I’ve already signed up several people, and with little freebies like the wrapping paper set, if you like the product, why the hell not?