The Franklin Barbecue is tasty

I had the brisket, which was good: he gave me some slight fatty slices and a bonus end piece on account of me saying I liked the edge. They have three types of sauces: espresso , sweet, and "pork." The last two were pretty good and the espresso was fun.

Their sides were actually pretty good. The mustard potato salad was much better than most such salads are. The cole slaw was a sort of weak version of Ruby’s poppy-seed cole-slaw, which is much better: nonetheless, the Franklin cole slaw was good.

Also, the bourbon pudding actually had a bourbon-y taste to it, which these things usually don’t. Kim had the tempeh frito pie, which was OK, but nothing to write home about.

They’re open Wednesday through Sunday on Concordia & I-35 in a trailer. See their little site for more.

(Posted over as a Yelp review too.)