Who’s looking for OpenStack private clouds, Dell edition

Some comments from my old boss at Structure Europe, recently, on who’s looking for private clouds:

From a Dell perspective, we just love open stack. I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s gaining great traction in the market. A year ago we weren’t seeing this but now we’re seeing banks who are coming to us and this is beyond POC stuff. They’re actually doing production stuff with open stack and we’re helping them. Seeking three Fortune 500 retailers, doing the same thing. So we think open stack is real. How many open stack clouds? I don’t know, but we’re in the fortunate position of sitting on top of all of this and just making sure that the customer wins. I really don’t care who of the 18 win.


We’ve got a rule of thumb that we’ve done our own internal analysis and once you reach an Amazon bill of about 50,000 per month, it’s time to go to a private cloud. We see customers coming to us with that problem all the time. We see lots of start-ups. We meet a lot of the venture capital community. And they’re saying, “Look, all of my start-ups started in Amazon but these bills are getting ridiculous.” And how do we get them over to private cloud? So we’re doing this like wholesale through the venture community and the start-up community because everybody’s facing the same problem.

Who’s looking for OpenStack private clouds, Dell edition