Love that competition in fiber-land

“In Austin we’re deploying fiber very aggressively,” AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said at last week’s Goldman Sachs conference. “The cost dynamics of deploying fiber have dramatically changed. … The cost dynamics look good, the revenue implications look good, the market implications look good, so you’re going to see more of this over time and I fully expect you’ll see us doing markets like this over the next few years.”

Love that competition in fiber-land

You’ll never believe what I’m calling on!

I often tell people, “you’ll never believe what I’m calling from!” and they don’t seem to know what I’m saying. Also, the old “Bula Vinaka, Beachside!” AT&T commercial. I was talking with Barton George the other day about these two “cultural items” and it made me realize (a.) I watched a lot of TV when I was young and remember way too much of it, and, (b.) I’m constantly making way to many inside jokes about that crap content, like, yea, football phones. It’s like some thick English lit book that you need half a page of footnotes to understand except it’s about, yea, shitty long distance commercials and fictional burger wrappers.

Well, here they both are, just for Barton so he finally gets my stupid, way too inside jokes:

(P.S.: I’m going to start answering the phone by yelling, almost incomprehensibly “BULAVINAKABEACHSIDE!“)