A small cup of Starbucks coffee contains 250mg of caffeine. For a frame of reference, espresso tops out at about 75mg. Let’s face it: Starbucks sells a drug I am addicted to. And their app allows me to pay for my addiction easily and rewards me with a free vial – I mean cup – of coffee every so often. I also get free apps on the iTunes app store.

The money in apps – $500/month

The majority of developers still make less than $500 per app per month, but the overall “app poverty line” has moved from 67 percent to 60 percent, according to Vision Mobile’s Developer Economics Q1 2014 report. The analysis firm researched data from more than 7,000 app developers from 127 countries, from the United States and China to Kenya and Brazil.

The money in apps – $500/month

Windows desktops on your phone

“Remote desktop on phones is a relatively rare usage scenario,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement. “That said, we are working on a version of the app for Windows Phone. We’ll be able to share timeframe at a later point in time.”

I’m kind of like “why” on this, but it actually will probably fine a fair amount of use in business that always seems to find an excuse to need Windows.

Windows desktops on your phone

It’s well known that test and dev has been one of the first kinds of work that businesses move to the cloud. That’s one of the most inefficient applications to run internally, typically with around 5 percent to 15 percent utilization rates, Telford said. “The rest of the time it sits idle,” he said.