Pivotal Conversations: “Running like Google,” the CRE Program & Pivotal, with Andrew Shafer

The summary:

What does it really mean to “run like Google”? Is that even a good idea? Andrew Shafer comes back to the podcast to talk with Coté about how the Google SRE book and the newly announced Google CRE program start addressing those questions. We discuss some of the general principals, and “small” ones too that are in those bodies of work and how they represent an interesting evolution of it IT management is done. Many of the concepts that the DevOps and cloud-native community talks about pop in Google’s approach to operations and software delivery, providing a good, hyper-scale case study of how to do IT management and software development for distributed applications. We also discuss Pivotal’s involvement in the Google CRE program.

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DevOps and Coffee in Salt Lake

In this week’s Pivotal Conversations podcast, Andrew and I talk about the history of DevOps and how it’s doing now. Aside for a good recommendation for coffee in Salt Lake, the part that stuck with me most is that we might as well start thinking about DevOps and continious delivery as the same thing. Sure, they’re not perfectly so, but it’s close enough for me. That’s an idea I’m going to float at DevOpsDays Austin next week and see where it takes us.

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Shift key avoidance syndrome, and running clouds

What’re the needs and concerns for running a cloud platform? Also, why do some people refuse to use the shift key? Those hot topics are explored in-depth in the most recent Pivotal Conversations podcast with Andrew and I. Check out the detailed show notes over there, download the episode directly, or listen with the player above!

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I tend to shy away from the higher-level “culture” stuff in presentations on new technologies, like DevOps. I often make fun of such talk. But, I jest. I find those discussions very valuable, I just don’t like doing them myself. In the vein of culture talks, the Andrew Shafer’s day one keynote from DevOpsDays Austin 2014 was very good, and I recommend it for anyone interested in DevOps. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Here’s the slides: