The platform for keeping promises – a logical architecture for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Check out my brief (~15 minutes) discussion with Alex Williams at The New Stack about how we’re thinking about the architecture of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. In addition to giving an overview of what Pivotal Cloud Foundry is and the cloud management and PaaS capabilities it has, I go over a way of thinking about the layered architecture (and why you’d care) that Andrew has been talking about recently.

There’s a longer version of this in my recent talk from Gartner ADDI as well.

Becoming a tech reporter, talking with Alex Williams – Lords of Computing Podcast 002


How do you go from playing baseball in France, to getting shot at, to covering the tech industry? I talk with Alex Williams about how he did just that and eventually launched, one of the more interesting, new technology news sites.

Dell World Social Think Tank - Enabling Innovation in IT.

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LinkedIn’s Market Cap Passes Salesforce, Long The Bellwether Symbol Of Cloud Services

Alex Williams:

According to the Faber-Novel study, almost 50 percent of LinkedIn’s revenues come from its talent solutions offerings. The company updates its code three times a day, which helps fuel a rapid development cycle, continually offering premium services to see what has most resonance.

Am I wrong to think that LinkedIn would be a good investment? Too late?

LinkedIn’s Market Cap Passes Salesforce, Long The Bellwether Symbol Of Cloud Services