Link: Does Your Company Have an AI Strategy, Really?

“A global survey of more than 3,000 executives by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT’s Sloan Management Review found that 84 percent of respondents believe AI will enable them to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage, 83 percent feel AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today, and 75 percent are counting on AI to open opportunities for new businesses and ventures.”

Also, a generalized set of questions for thinking through what AI stuff to do and strategize about in the enterprise.
Original source: Does Your Company Have an AI Strategy, Really?

Link: Liberty Mutual embraces AI, blockchain

“The Boston insurer is also testing blockchain software to develop a platform intended to create an audit trail and move money across the business faster, Scerbo says. Blockchain could eventually present carriers with the opportunity to pair the ledger technology with IoT to avoid fraud using connected-car sensors and smart home devices increasingly being adopted by consumers. Collected information would be sent to the blockchain, where it would be distributed to a slew of computers with no need for a middle man.”
Original source: Liberty Mutual embraces AI, blockchain

Link: GDPR Seen Slowing AI Innovation

Given all the Facebook stuff, I think less balancing towards the side of the robots would probably probably be good:

‘A recent study advocating a U.S. strategy for developing machine intelligence also noted the potential barriers to development that include GDPR and other data privacy efforts. The study released by the Center for Strategic and International Studies warned that the shift to “data localization” will require “balancing legitimate concerns around privacy and consumer protection both in the United States and abroad with the need for an open, flexible data ecosystem that supports innovation and experimentation in AI.”’
Original source: GDPR Seen Slowing AI Innovation

Link: The Insurance Industry Is A Prime Target For AI Technologies And Solutions

Quote below:

  • Technologies Oriented & Experience Focused: Experience related AI technologies include virtual assistant, speech analytics, and recommendation engines. These technologies are being adopted in customer service and insurance product selection business activities.
  • Technologies Oriented & Operational Focused: Operational AI technologies comprises text analytics, advanced analytics, facial and image recognition, machine learning and natural language generation. Most of these AI technologies are being adopted to improve operational efficiencies. However facial recognition and machine learning are being used to mitigate the risk exposure of insurers.
  • Solutions Oriented & Experience Focused: The two experience focused AI solutions concentrate on providing a positive customer experience. The solutions combine multiple AI technologies to create conversational solutions and industry pre-trained solutions. The latter is also being used to train internal customer facing roles.
  • Solutions Oriented & Operational Focused: As machine learning has grown in maturity, we find insurers combining other AI technologies with machine learning to create deep learning solutions. Currently, risk management is the focus area of deep learning solutions.
    Original source: The Insurance Industry Is A Prime Target For AI Technologies And Solutions