The Business Bottleneck

This is a new book I’m working on, addressed more broadly than just IT. From my intro: If you want to be like a tech company, you should, well, be like a tech company. This report is my second attempt to help explain what that means. My previous book, Monolithic Transformation was written for IT […]

Digital WTF

Collection of my columns on DevOps, Agile, and the like.

Monolithic Transformation

This booklet collects together the stories and successful tactics large organizations are using to get better at software. You can get it free from Pivotal, and it’s also in Safari.

JAAS in Action

Travel back to 2005 and read about the fascinating world of identity and access management in Java: JAAS! The publisher passed on actually publishing this book because there didn’t seem to be enough market demand for a $50 book on the topic. Which, you know, was probably the right call. But now you can read […]