How not to screw up your cloud strategy

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Get a free copy of my advice for putting a cloud strategy in place. It goes over what to do in three types of project: new, greenfield; working with legacy applications; and transforming the entire company to be “cloud native.” Take a gander and tell me what you think.

WTF on “Pivotal Cloud Foundry”

Wondering what exactly Pivotal Cloud Foundry is? Is it a “PaaS”? A “cloud platform”? Does it run on Amazon or on private clouds?

All answers will be reveiled in this short video where I talk with my pal Alex Williams of The New Stack about Pivotal Cloud Foundry:

(If you’re still confused, check out the free Cloud Foundry book or just email me up)

Two Months of Free Cloud

Interested in getting up and running with cloud application real quick like? Try two free months of Pivotal Web Services, Pivotal’s public PaaS running Pivotal Cloud Foundry. If you want to go private cloud, the migration path is designed in, of course.

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