Ask open ended questions, for stories

“Instead, ask about people’s interests. Try to find out what excites or aggravates them — their daily pleasures or what keeps them up at night. Ask about the last movie they saw or for the story behind a piece of jewelry they’re wearing. Also good are expansive questions, such as, “If you could spend a month anywhere in the world, where would you go?””

Original source: Talk Less. Listen More. Here’s How.

Nice example of tech debt taken on for business reasons

This project might be considered a success; it was launched on time, on budget, and has the correct functionality. But then the sales team, who are often on the road, are demanding that this functionality be available on their mobile phones. So, the IT team is now tasked with building a mobile app. But the developers building the app aren’t able to use any of the work that was done for previous projects. So they have to redo all the work, which in itself is not a great outcome.

Even though the developers know this is likely a short-sighted approach, they justify it given the typically intense time pressures. If there are consultants involved (as is typical), the problem gets worse, as they have little incentive to think about the long term. Over time, changes become very expensive or near impossible to make. But as change is constant, agility is now made very difficult. As you can see below, the familiar “spaghetti code” pattern begins to take shape.

This is fine, so long as you’re a rational actor making the trade offs and prioritizing.

Original source: What is API-led Connectivity?

IDC review’s VMware’s $10bn year

Fiscal year 2019 was a watershed year for VMware as it achieved over $10 billion in revenues, executed two of the largest acquisitions (Pivotal and Carbon Black) in the company's history, expanded its vast partnership network (i.e. Telcos, MSP, ISVs, AWS), announced Kubernetes run-time and management tools, and continued to extend its product portfolio into new enterprise IT buying centers. The company also announced new security products, and a security strategy and vision now called its Intrinsic Security Strategy. At the same time, the company closed more $10 million plus deals than at any time prior. New pricing and delivery models emerged via SaaS delivered products and subscription pricing.

Original source: VMware's 2019 Watershed Year; What's It Mean To CIOs in the Future?

Most of the stock market owned by a handful of people

A whopping 84 percent of all stocks owned by Americans belong to the wealthiest 10 percent of households. And that includes everyone’s stakes in pension plans, 401(k)’s and individual retirement accounts, as well as trust funds, mutual funds and college savings programs like 529 plans.

As summarized in one of the sub-headings: “Don’t confuse the Dow with the economy.”

Original source: We All Have a Stake in the Stock Market, Right? Guess Again

The Economist writes up Bernie Sanders

If he got his way, all American residents, including undocumented immigrants, would receive free health care, child care and education at state universities. Workers would have a jobs guarantee, seats on corporate boards and receive 20% of the equity of large firms. Billionaire clout would be broken by a wealth tax.

Original source: What does Bernie Sanders’s political revolution hope to accomplish?