🔗 Platforms at Kubecon 2022 | Partly Cloudy - A CNCF group working on defining what a “platform” is. That should be fun!

🔗 Building Kubernetes Applications with Acorn - Gives you some more detail on what Acorn is: “Acorn is an application packaging & deployment solution, which aims at simplifying the process of developing applications for Kubernetes. Acorn offers a simple CLI, which along with a CUE-based Acornfile can run your applications on a Kubernetes cluster, without needing to know any Kubernetes concepts. Its development mode makes application updates & debugging seamless for developers, which otherwise can seem daunting. It is a thin layer of abstraction that sits on top of Kubernetes & lets you use its advantages without diving into the nitty-gritty details of the technology. It also takes care of hosting a container registry & as well as an ingress controller on some Kubernetes distributions which don’t run it by default. See Acorn documentation for more details.”

App modernization survey: a lot of just moving existing apps to containers?

🔗 Application Modernization Report Shows Need For Kubernetes-specific Migration Tooling (RedHat survey) - Seems ambitious: “Among those we surveyed, those who were migrating or planning to, we found that they plan to modernize 54% of their custom applications during the next year and over a quarter during the next six months. Only 20% expected the modernization to take more than two years. It’s clear this is happening right now.” Most of the migrations are motivated by “being driven by the need for reliability, scalability and security.

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🔗 Considerations when implementing developer portals in regulated enterprise environments - Good thinking about the “enterprise grade” stuff a developer portal could make better for you. E.g., for compliance: “Assurance that all key information is put into an enterprise-accepted immutable system and everyone who needs to access that information has it. Verification of separations of duty (i.e., the person who wrote the code is not verifying its integrity for a production release).”

🔗 Free introduction to Backstage course now available, from CNCF - “8-10 hours of insights into developer portals, what Backstage can do, and how to run it both locally and in production.”

🔗 Palo Alto Networks Buys Cider Security to Lock Down Pipelines - “Cider Security developed what it described as an operating system for application security. The solution creates a graph that enables DevOps teams to visualize the relationships between all elements that make up a software development environment, including code. It then makes it possible to apply a set of controls to remediate any vulnerabilities and attack paths that might be identified using any number of third-party scanning tools.”

#FreeShitMonday! Here’s the collection of columns I wrote for The Register on agile, DevOps, cloud, programming, and whatever else from 2014 to 2018. Forward by John Willis (@botchagalupe)!

🔗 OpenStack passes 40 million cores in production use - “OpenStack adoption has hit 40 million cores in production, a 60 percent increase on 2021, and that it is now running in over 300 public cloud datacenters worldwide.”

🔗 CHARLES SAATCHI - God damn I love that aesthetic.

🔗 7 Ways to Improve the Developer Experience and Accelerate Software Delivery on Kubernetes - I hear this is a good PDF.

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